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John is Norwegian and comes from a maritime background, having
spent many years working in a very hierarchic, masculine dominated structures, first in the Navy and later the merchant fleet, and is Captain by trade.

He settled in Geneva, Switzerland in 2007.

His own curiosity and search for healthy relating, sexuality, spirituality and kink, led him to explore and gain understanding of his own sexuality as a person in a male body, which led him to a rich variety of passions, exploring the libertine scene and later the Tantric path of Sacred Sexuality.

He is an adapt student of ISTA – International School of Temple Arts and De-Armouring Arts.

Today he offers one-on-one sessions as a Practitioner, Tantric Masseur, Guide and Sexual Educator, and is the founder of Phoenix-on-Fire.

He continues to search and expand his knowledge in this field.


Co-Hosts & Assistants

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