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Bring a friend - The PAL System

It is important to us to create a safe, trusting, and responsible environment where you can feel comfortable in the presence of other people in the group.
To help us with this we are using the PAL System. 
The PAL System asks that you attend a session together with someone you know and trust – a PAL.

*) applies for the mixed events.

Your PAL

* Please book and arrive to a session with your PAL.
You will not be able to join the session if your PAL fails to turn up, and we will not be able to refund your costs/tickets.

* You and your PAL must both pay for a space in the session

*Your PAL does NOT have to be someone who has already attended a session with us. 

* Due to the intimate nature of our sessions we ask that you do not PAL with more than one person. 

* We ask that your PAL is someone you know well and trust.
You are both accountable for the behaviour of the other. Please keep this in mind when agreeing to PAL another person.

* Your PAL does not have to be a lover or a partner.
Your PAL can be any friend or even a relative.

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