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In the own words of participants of the Liquid Love Experience

"Thanks a lot for creating the space for us ladies to explore, enjoy and have fun. It's an amazing opportunity to express and receive pure tenderness, get replenished with female energy, and feel happy and complete. Looking forward to future events!"

"It was a big revelation for me...
I opened up to the group, I was fully present, owning my body and enjoying it... I felt accepted, natural, free and complete human being... And it felt so right... Thanks a lot for organizing this event, I wish all women could have this experience!"

"I feel so much gratitude for creating this beautiful event where I could explore my nature in safe space.
My apprehensive mind could not imagine how quickly I felt relaxation and softness. I was nourished by powerful yet gentle feminine energy. Looking forward for the next meeting ❤️"

"Tout d'abord je voulais vraiment, vraiment, vraiment vous remercier du fond du cœur ! J'ai passé un très bon moment qui me donne plein d'espoir sur la gestion de mon anxiété et ça m'a permis de bien réfléchir sur le sens du non 😉

Je me sens tellement apaisée depuis hier soir. Alors encore merci, vous êtes des personnes super, qui créer une atmosphère pleine d'amour et de paix..."
"First of all I really, really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I had a very good time which gave me hope on how to manage my anxiety and it allowed me to think about the meaning of no 😉

I feel so peaceful since last night.
So thank you again, you are great people, who create an atmosphere full of love and peace..."

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